Waiting for the Cars features 218 photographs of the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad made by Alfred A. Hart. The images are presented as the photographer made them, in full 3D stereo. These are made accessible by the included 3D glasses. The dual-image stereo cards are presented in full color on the facing pages of this 480-page hardbound book.

stereo card
Click to see 3D animation.

I originated the idea for the book, researched and located images only found in private collections, and scanned those (about half the total) that were not available in the Library of Congress digital archives. I then did the anaglyphic conversion on the 150-year-old stereo cards. The conversion of the stereo cards into digital anaglyphs of high quality presented a number of challenges, as some of the 19th-century prints were damaged by age or improper care. Since serious image defects would adversely affect the 3D presentation, the anaglyphs were digitally repaired where necessary. The original images, with any imperfections intact, may be seen in the stereo card reproductions on the text pages.

The complete book has been included with the review package. The link below, designed to help market the book, contains additional features. Using the 3D glasses bound into the book you can view additional Alfred A. Hart stereo cards on this website.