With categories devoted to its major cities, and features such as “Ghost Towns,” “Caves,” and “The Middle of Nowhere,” the award-winning All Around Nevada project got its start in 2004. Initially it was produced as the multimedia portion of the Online Nevada Encyclopedia, with a grant from the Nevada Humanities Committee. 


Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas


Greatly expanded since then, it currently includes 147 different locations, almost all of which are within the state of Nevada. Five sites, included in the category “Nearly Nevada” feature California locations in close proximity to Nevada. One site is a complete outlier, being from the Virgin Islands, but is included because of its significance in virtual reality imaging: Tropical Paradise was my first experiment in multi-node VR imaging with embedded VR objects, and it won the First Prize award in an Apple competition in 1998. Some of the sites in All Around Nevada are significant not only because of the immersive 360° views, but also because they all entry to places that are either far off the beaten track or are in locations where public access is limited, such as the Nevada Test Site, where our nation’s atomic weapons were tested, or the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, seen here.