TR at Yosemite

While I did the necessary archival research to identify and obtain high-resolution scans of some of the iconic Yosemite stereo card views, the museum technical staff was creating a rear-screen projector kiosk installation to house the project when it was completed. We ordered custom-designed 3D glasses, to be made available for museum visitors to keep, as the in-house exhibit was also made available on the museum’s website. This website what I have archived in the link below.
The exhibit included original prints of Carleton Watkins and Eadweard Muybridge, the artists whose stereo cards were presented in my kiosk of digital anaglyphic transformations. A couple of reproduction stereo cards, loaded into reproduction stereoscopes, were made available as well.
The process of converting the Yosemite stereo cards to digital anaglyphs included numerous experiments to determine the best methods for presentation for different media, ranging from the computer screen to four-color print reproduction. It was these experiments which were to prove critical when several years later I began the work on a book of 3D railroad photographs made by Alfred A. Hart, a contemporary of Watkins and Muybridge who also photographed the early days of Yosemite National Park.