Cashman Center

The application of multimedia formats to what was then the new concept of personal blogging about travel destinations coalesced for me in 2002 with the Travelblogs project. Avoiding video, but using photographs, Flash animations,and QuickTime VR (virtual reality) interactive panoramas, I began a series of pieces that explored interesting destinations in novel ways. The first effort, perhaps an effort to channel Hunter S. Thompson using new media, I entitled Fear and Loafing in the Mayan Riviera. Perhaps due to its comic take on the destination couple with its plethora of “Easter egg” media artifacts, the piece earned a finalist slot in the 2003 SXSW “People’s Choice” website competition.

The first two chapters in the project were created prior to my move to Nevada in 2003. But the remaining seven pieces were made during my first two years at the University of Nevada, Reno. Of these, six were documentations of my initial travels throughout Nevada.

While this project is still available online, it has not been updated to make its media functional with newer devices using Flash and HTML5. The QuickTimeVR elements in particular require a plug-in (QuickTime 7) that may not be found on modern computers. However this plug-in, still completely functional, may be downloaded here.