Working cooperatvely with the Basque Studies Program at UNR, a team of photography students created The Basques in Nevada. Students explored many aspects of the culture of this community, a people with roots on the remote sheep ranches of the Nevada outback and with a profound impact upon the cultural and political life of the state.


On a trip deep into the Smoke Creek Desert in Northern Nevada we visited two ranches with a Basque heritage, one a working sheep ranch which still runs sheep in the traditional way, traveling overland from summer to winter pasture. One student researched—and prepared—Basque cuisine. Other students explored the tradition of the Basque hotel and restaurant. This project was the runner-up for the Best of the Web Award (group projects) from the AEJMC in 2013.


Devere Dressler

Created using funding from the Nevada Humanities Committee, A Living Legacy: Six Generations on the Dressler Ranch is an extended multimedia documentary created with a team of students. This project won the Best of the Web Award (Journalism) from the AEJMC in 2007.


All Around Reno

In several of the classes I teach, students acquire the skills to create multi-node interactive virtual-reality environments. Over the years I’ve created an archive to include many of these, especially those that would serve as a documentary collection of VR Reno landmarks. These are featured in the All Around Reno. website.


Denny Granada

Graduate students in 2013 created a documentary project in close coordination with the Nevada Assistive Technology Resource Center, Enabled Nevada tells the stories of both the staff members and the clients of the Center. Individuals with disabilities ranging from sensory impairment to complete immobility are featured with video interviews and in-depth profiles. This project was the runner-up for the Best of the Web Award (group projects) from the AEJMC in 2014.